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Thank you so much for the support this month!
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Pledge $0.01 or more per Comic Page
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$1 or more per Comic Page
Thank you! I really appreciate your generosity, friend. Patrons who subscribe for just $1 per page can view WARBAND comic pages in progress, so you get to read the page 30 days before it hits the WARBANDcomic.com website. Early access content!

It's my goal to get a free copy of WARBAND to all of my patrons, a physical reward in addition to the perks of getting to read the comic early. If the goal is met, long-time patrons will be able to put this comic book on their shelves and say, "I helped make that happen." Happy good feels!

Also, as a big thank-you for being there with me from the beginning, all WARBAND credits will list Patron names or usernames. Whether it's on the book jacket or the online end-chapter credits, we'll make sure the world knows you were a WARBAND supporter! 

Read WARBAND and see WIPs on Discord
$5 or more per Comic Page
At the $5 tier you can read all WARBAND comics as soon as they're finished, get a free copy of WARBAND if the stretch goal is ever met, and get your name in the production credits.

You'll also get to see additional early access content in the form of WIPs on the artist's personal Discord server. Getting on the server also means exclusive content, chats with the artists and generally fun times! 

Includes Discord rewards
Read WARBAND + Art Requests!
$10 or more per Comic Page
Patrons who pledge at $10 per page can view all WARBAND comic pages as soon as they're finished, view all early access content on the artist's Discord server, will receive a physical copy of WARBAND if the stretch goals are ever met, get their names in production credits, and will be able to request custom artwork from the artist once a month. 

This custom artwork will vary in quality depending on how many comics are published during the month. You can expect the quality to match the dollar amount contributed by you, ranging from sketches to digital paintings and full illustrations.

Includes Discord rewards
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