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The Web Benefits Package!
Are you a business owner?  By choosing this package, the Prismatic web team will become your personal IT staff!  You'll get the following monthly services:
  1. Monthly website maintenance.  Includes updating all your plugins (and making sure the updates don't break your site), database maintenance to ensure your website loads fast, and fixing problems that occur on your website quickly!
  2. Monthly backups on a remote server.  This is nice just in case a disaster hits the server your site is hosted on!
  3. Enhanced security monitoring.  That includes fixing issues caused by hacks!
  4. Two hours of improvements or additions on your site every month!  Just email us what you want done and we will make it happen!
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Appear in a Explainer Video!
We will create an animated character in your likeness to be featured in one of our explainer videos on saving the world!  You will be shown as one of the heroes making the world a better place!
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