April 2016 Supported!
Hello everyone! Just wanted to send a HUGE thank you to my patrons, I don't have words for how awesome you are! Here's a sneak peek at a piece that'll be in the May volume of Bestiary! This will be the NINTH (wow, nine already...) issue of Bestiary, and it should be mailed by the 15th, per usual. For this month I have a couple goals I wanted to share: -Post more actively! I've been extremely busy with my lovely life, but I really do need to take time for those who support me more. -Originals (And maybe greeting cards?) put up for sale on my shop! This is so exciting as I should have very reasonable prices for my original pieces. -EXPAND! There's always more to do, and I want to move into branching out and seeing where my ventures take me Do you have any suggestions? Things you'd like to see more from my page, or items you'd like to see in my shop? Please, if you have any input and a moment to spare, I'd love to hear from you. Much love, *j