Hello again. This past month I've worked almost exclusively on Autobiographical Architecture, and I've made great progress on writing and lots of other non-visual things that don't exactly show dazzlingly in this month's dev update video :]


I also released Playscii 0.9.7, which fixes a few bugs that folks reported on the project's bitbucket. Keep these reports coming, it's easy and fulfilling for me to create new builds and smooth things out for users.

Inspired partly by Robert Yang's weekly level design streams, I'm going to try streaming commentary and playthrough for a totally-randomly-selected Doom WAD once a week on my Twitch channel. Today at noon PST (about two hours from now) will be a test run, and if it works well I think I'll call it WAD Wednesdays and do it every Wednesday at noon, starting May 10th. As with any stream I've done, I'll upload an archive of it to my Youtube channel  in case you miss it.

I intend to spend May much as I did April, working on Autobio. With a lot of the writing done I intend to move on to getting the general shape of the game laid out in the editor, or as I described it to a friend recently, "a skeleton of the entire piece that can stand on its own... and hold a mace."

Thank you for your support. You're keeping me going.

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