April 2021 Update!

Hey there! How is it going?
Last month the prologue build just got released, did you play it, how was it?

I feel this month I did far less than I wanted, but well there is irl stuff with my house, being renovated and all that.

 Still, lets check what is being worked on this month.

Finally an animation for drinking the potion is in the game (both, sword and no sword).

Rynn will also litter the bottle, and that made me think of a "minigame" or a "game mode" where cou can throw the bottle to do damage but cant attack normally.

Silly but could be cool as a challenge. (I may develop a drunken version, where Rynn just chugs ale and does massive damage but the game gets harder as you drink more).

Idk, those are silly things and I need to focus on the normal game.

Also I finished some long pending assets for the ruins, those are just building tiles that can be used for decoration. (or even doors if I put the door transition object.)

Those are a couple of buildings I put in-game.

I did start (and nearly finish) working on the first full patreon enemy, the Velvet Worm, some annoying enemy that wont damage you but will paralyze with their silk.

I did do a rework of the old Yasha portrait, to put it better ingame.

Fully animated and in the right scale now.

On a more long note, I started a rework of the menu system to have multiple (better) ways to put the savefiles and to make it look better in general (the scroll thing looks cool but to be honest that was always a temp thing).

concept mockups.

where the white ball would go a rotating rune(and maybe the text will appear when mouseover the rune).

I also started working on new tilesets for the forest.

So, As I said, this month I felt I worked a lot slower than usual, sorry for that!

But things keep getting me busy, like this month I had to redo some stuff two times, one bc of GMS2 updates, and the other one bc I wanted to update the save system, to allow me to save objects in a room. (I almost forgot, this part is in theory the closure). That took me like 1 week and a half of figuring out how to integrate that into my code.
The other was that the GMS2 update broke something in the Inventory System and had to check (Its a very convoluted system tbh and I had to carefully read it again to understand what thee fuck I wrote back then) and turned out to be some minor issue with the unused code.

As a closure I will say I really appreciate all the patience and support I get from you, and I wish I could deliver stuff quicker, some days I think I should hire a pixel artist bc that is what it slows the most the production of the game for me. But still, I am advancing a lot in a lot of areas at the same time, so may look slower but I feel this will allow me to deliver better game builds with more stuff to show. 

Next stuff to work on: The Quest System, The "Experience Points" and "Level UP" and more lore.

PD: I did a dirty on April's Fools (Went almost into nsfw territory, so this wont be shown here in patreon sadly, you can check the discord for that).

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Goodb ye

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