April Accountability
 Hey Gretchen, Berent, Valerie & Marshall,

Thanks so much for you support.

This month's finanicial accountability is pretty simple.

+$21 came in for the month of February.

-$10 went out to support Scott Woods as he works on his many projects

-$7 went towards accessing my publishing platform

- I dropped the Tom Katers podcast because I wasn't  ever listening to it, and while it was going to  a good cause, Scott Woods is also a good cause, and he just spent 31 days promoting 31 different Black Artists in Columbus, and I would rather watch any show he was involved with than listen to podcasts about comics from the 1960s.

That leaves $11  ($4 from this month, $7 from previous months) to move forward to May.

For project accountability, I sent out another book last month for supporters only. I've recorded two audio interviews with poets for an upcoming project about bizarre tour stories. I've written most of two chapters for Box Of Doom. I have also taken Crooked Treehouse down for the week, but it will be back shortly with new content. I've just about finished all four versions of The Cantab Anthology, and have spent much of the month of April sofar wrangling poets for next month when I'll be live from Florida with new artistic happenings. There are also some video podcasts in the works.

I hope you're all having a wonderful 2017  thusfar. And, again, thank you!