April "Akihabara" Giveaway Details Here! March Giveaway Winner Announced!
Greetings, Libra patrons and visitors!

We have some exciting announcements for you today. Let's get into it, shall we? *Henshin*!

Check out April's "Akihabara" Giveaway Prize!

Earlier this week we asked our followers to give us some suggestions for a new monthly giveaway prize. We received a ton! Thankfully Akihabara is in our backyard, so finding pretty much any otaku item you can think of is a breeze. That said, we went shopping this afternoon and found some AWESOME loot for next month's giveaway. Check this out...

Pretty sweet, right? We hope you're as excited for this bundle as we are! For more info, check out the details below.


Top Row

  • Calen from Libra of the Vampire Princess ecchi tapestry.

 Middle Row, L to R

  • Idol [email protected] folder with a back flap on it that tucks in.
  • Fukuneko Biyori, Syroh -- a plastic sleeve you can put papers in. 

Bottom Row, L to R

  • Mini shikishi of an original character by クロエ, the talented artist who drew Lycoris from Libra of the Vampire Princess.
  • Rem from Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu. Nando Me no Hajimete ecchi book.
  • Pengin Club Magazine (April 2018), cover illustration by Yan-Yam.
  • Melonbooks Limited Version - Fujimi Comics gachapon capsule containing a mini ecchi tapestry (125mm) from "Yummy!" by artist Cuvie!
  • Kemono Friends ecchi fan book featuring Kaban and Serval. 


***For a chance to win this prize, all 8 items, sign up to our Patreon at the "Once Bitten!" reward tier or higher. The "Once Bitten!" tier ensures your name will be added 1X  to the drawing pool. Please see the reward tier descriptions for more info***

Good luck and thank you for supporting the Japanese artists and game makers!


Patrons, thank you again for supporting us to help make Libra's script improvements a reality! ^_^

See you in the next update!

MiKandi Japan