April AMA! Sunday 3:00 PST on Twitch!
Bring all your game design, writing, roleplaying, retro gaming, etc questions!

Can't make it? Drop me a question on my Tumblr  or using the form here! 

And, as always, patrons of the Advisor Tier or higher get access to the recordings of these AMAs early, but they all eventually make their way to my YouTube channel .

So come hang out! Hope to see you all at 3:00!

(Also, while I'm updating, expect another 1,000 word world-building entry this coming week!)

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Courtier Tier
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My thanks and personal compliments on your discerning taste. As a distinguished member of this tier, you will have access to group news and a voice in polls determining upcoming stream content. You will also recieve updates on worldbuilding articles/projects and access upon their completion.

Additionally, you gain access to my Discord channel - Citadel Bombasity.

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Councilor Tier
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My most honest appreciation. You will recieve bleeding-edge access to worldbuilding articles/projects every two weeks—engaging with a new fantasy content as it develops. Help influence this work through polls and conversations on what you'd like to see developed next!

Additionally, you gain access to my Discord channel - Citadel Bombasity - at with the vaunted Councilor handle.

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Advisor Tier
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Gratitude, from my innermost insides.

Along with the rewards of all previous tiers, you'll gain influence over the content of my AMA streams. Whatever secrets you wish to learn—that I can reveal—are yours. The content of these streams will be released to you soon after recording (pending editing), and a month before public release. Additionally, your name will be listed in the credits of any PDF or long-form video project I produce.
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Inner Circle Tier - The Archives
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You're a plotter after my own heart.

This tier includes acess to a secret archive of personal game notes, maps, playlists, workbook pages, unpublished designs, and deep excisions from my private cutting room floor. Each item includes commentary, design thoughts, and/or contextualization. As hard copies are scanned and as new efforts take shape they will be collected in these archives. Feel free to make use of them for your personal (non-commercial) games as you will. (Archive access granted after spending one month at this level.)

Backers also receive access to the Council Chamber Discord channel, where they can plot alongside other backers, learn bleeding edge project news, and look down upon various rabbles.
Includes Discord rewards
Shadow Council Tier
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My thankfulness, but also, my attention. At this tier, you'll gain all earlier tier rewards, and be granted access to a private, ongoing, Discord-based round table that serves as a forum to discuss projects I can speak freely about—and for whatever else you wish. This council will also help determine the content of the polls for upcoming streams, fiction, instructional content, and similar projects.

Additionally, you'll receive early access to all video content and be invited to participate in secret stream events—like backer-only game days.

Includes Discord rewards
Power Behind the Throne
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Once a month, my pen and experience are yours.

Monthly, you may send me a written document of your choosing and I will provide 300+ words of substantive feedback. This could be conceptual help with an adventure, advice on a game in development, feedback on your writing (not an editing pass), or the like. I will work out the details of what this means with you via e-mail so you get exactly what you need. Similar brief, credited writing projects might also be entertained. Whatever it is, it's exclusive to you!

Additionally, you'll receive the content of all previous tiers and your name will occupy a place of prominence in the credits of any PDF or long-form video project I produce.

Finally, you'll receive an invitation to participate in a secret RPG session, run by me at Paizocon or Gen Con (though travel to and access to those events is your own responcibility; details TBD).
Includes Discord rewards
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