April Bizness!
 Howdy, my lovelies. Maybe you noticed that I skipped posting on the first because there are already enough shenanigans floating about the aether. Well, that, and I was buried in work on STRICTLY NO ELEPHANTS LIVE!

(No lie, that is the label I am using in my Gmail as bits of *music* come floating in from the composer!)

More about that this month. In the meantime, here are all the things worth printing at the moment:

1) Winner of "Why The Rum Is Gone" Yesteryear microfiction is Kayla Bashe! That sweet little story will be winging its' way to you shortly, so keep an eye on your Calliope.

2) Post still open here to enter to win a generous cheque from Penny Farthing. Winners will be drawn on Friday the 7th (and I am currently striving to replace our suddenly dead color printer so that I can award more than three prizes.)

3) Speaking of which, Friday the 7th, 5-8 PM PST is April's Friday Night in the TARDIS. Bring your writing questions and be prepared for some theatrical talk.

*tap dances off Stage Left, even* <3