April cover concept post
Hello my loyal patrons! 

April's book was sent out on April 11th, so if you're a print subscriber, you should've gotten your copy by now (barring maybe international subscriptions, I guess?).  I thought I would take this time to talk about one of the more frustrating aspects of working on a project like this, which is when the books don't turn out the way I envision them.

The image for this post is what I wanted the cover for the April book to be: I liked the sparse color printing on the March book, and I was hoping to be able to utilize that same technique again for April's book.  Unfortunately I have little concept of how photocopiers actually work, and while I knew that they don't print WHITE, I thought if I made the trailer background an off-white, that I would be all set.  Well, if the paper had been white to begin with, then my plan would have worked, but alas, the slight yellow tinge that was printed on the brown paper was basically transparent, and so although I used a color photocopier for these books, they look as if I just used a regular b&w copier.  Live and learn.

Regardless, I was really pleased with the concept and execution of April's cover, so I guess the glass is always half-full!  The trailer is actually the Picnic Trailer from the Sou'wester Lodge, where I stayed for the Trailer Blaze residency in Seaview, WA.  I based the drawing on the old vintage ads for trailers that have a cutaway view of what the living spaces look like on the inside:

I've really been enjoying the way that designing covers for these patreon collections has pushed me to make more concise imagery than I've ever really done before, and I like using both the front and back covers as a panorama. 

Anyway, I hope you're still enjoying these books and comics!