April financial report
Sales: $401 (total in 2017: $1,860)
$470 (total in 2017: $2,637)

Retronator has open books. This means you can always look at the financial picture of the company including exactly where the money is going. The image above is the Balance Sheet as of the start of May. I'm also attaching the full accounting books as a PDF. The live version (Google Spreadsheet) can be found here.

I wrote a post explaining how I do accounting for Kickstarter backers, which you probably need to be able to decipher my books without accounting experience. I'll repost it once I set up a publication on Medium for Pixel Art Academy. Until then, if you're eager, I can point you to this great webpage on accounting where I learned most of it.

In 2015/16 (pre-Retronator LLC era) I used to have a simple one-ledger document  where you could easily see a chronological record of all transactions (essentially a General Journal in accounting terms). Somehow I forgot/didn't do an overall journal in my new system for 2017, so there's no way to quickly look at all transactions from a given month. However, I'm also using Intiuit QuickBooks Self-Employed to automatically track my bank and PayPal accounts. Quickbooks then can give me (with some additional labor on my part) that exact report. I'm attaching it to this post so you can see what the $439 in expenses consists of.

The biggest dent was a $300 online drawing course I decided to take to improve myself, somewhat as an artist, but mainly as art educator. I was on the fence whether I can afford it, but I believe the ROI of it will be pretty good for Pixel Art Academy/Retronator, so it seemed worth the risk. There are also some videogames in there which I buy to keep on top of the pixel art scene (Flinthook, City Clickers, Domina), as well as doing design and research (The Sims 4, Settlers 2). How I use games is a big enough topic for its own post.

$400 in expenses is ridiculously low for a business—the reason is, I haven't paid myself anything (if you look at the Balance Sheet, the Owner Withdrawals is zero). In April I was able to still live off of my tax return I got in March. That's keeping it possible to float at my current level of financial (in)stability. I am still expecting my state return as well as another federal tax return (something came up after I already filed, giving me further tax returns). If it comes soon I might be able to live without cutting into the company budget for one more month. But then again I will be returning to the US this weekend so my living expenses will pretty much double compared to Peru.

Edit: The balance sheet and expenses report is missing an additional $31 for the Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex purchase.