April Game Giveaway
No one is perfect. That's a pretty timeless thought. It was true when it was first coined, and it's still true now. No matter what our intentions, ambitions, thoughts, or actions, we will all make mistakes. We will all have triumphs. We will all have failures. And walking that path is all part of the human experience. 

Case in point: I (Ryan) am not always the best at time management. Hence why this is all going out on the 5th instead of at the beginning of the month. 

Procrastination. It's a thing.

Coincidentally, that directly ties in what we're showing off in this month's Patreon backer giveaway. Celebrating the delicate struggle to balance our vices with our virtues, April is offering up Overseers by ThunderGryph Games and Greenbrier Games.  You can check out the BGG Entry for more info .    

Overseers is a thematic drafting and bluffing game all about trying to sway human nature into a balance between its higher virtues and its baser vices. As one of these spiritual Overseers, your goal is to generate the most VP after three rounds, reprenting how successful your efforts are.

Visually, the game is artistically eye-catching, and mechnically, the game is rather straightforward. At the start of each round, players will draft 5 out of 6 cards to their hand. Then everyone reveals 3 of them. Players then debate and vote on who they think is holding the most valuable assemblage of cards. If people choose correctly, that player is punished by losing cards (and if they deny the accusation it's even worse). If people choose incorrectly, however, the accused gains a card. Finally, everyone tallies their scores and the round ends. Do that three times and try to get points...er...save mankind. 

But yes, also points.

Per usual, all Patreon backers are automatically entered each month. If you're not a backer, consider doing so today!