April Honey Update, and bonus Severed Fanart
Plenty of progress this month! Unfortunately, it's mostly about hush-hush content, so I don't have images to showcase what's new... Instead, have this Severed fanart illustration!

Still, to detail a bit what's been going on in the background:

- I've been going over the existing matches and bux fixing many aspects

- I've added one new match, and a little system that was planned since the start that should (hopefully) bring a smile to invested players' faces

- I've edited a second trailer, and am now working on its soundtrack with Morusque (or rather, he's doing the heavy work music wise, I'm mostly there to go "ooh, ahh!"), hopefully this'll be done soon

- and most important... the sound pass! So far, the game had music and a few placeholder sound effects, but many silent segments and a completely out of whack balance. No more! Most of the sounds have been redone/replaced, the missing ones have been added with a few glaring exceptions, and the balance is undergoing testing to see if it all works. Some of the matches and most of the VN are now very, very close to what they'll end up being like "for real", and I'm *very much* liking how it's turning out - hope you will, too!

Lastly, we've begun the editing process thanks to my dedicated sister, who's bringing the script to a whole other level. Let those efforts not go unsung either.

As for next month's plan: it's back to animations, for the single most glaring missing chunk of content: the training match against Coach! Seriously... every playtester so far has been going "where's the training match?". I mean, it's just a training match, it's not that important! Or... maybe it is? Either way, it's going to take a while, and it starts... now!