April is Autism Awareness Month
I made this when I heard the phrase "light it up blue", which originated from an autism awareness group in Canada.  I took it literally...blue magic!

I had it on Deviant Art, but many people were associating it with Autism Speaks (and many of us on the spectrum see them in a negative light due to what they stand for).


Nor do I want people to see my artwork and take away negative feelings (due to them associating it with something they find negative), so I took it down from Deviant Art.

Then, because people were telling me they liked the artwork, I went back and edited the shirts Kairy and Patch are wearing, as well as the title.

Disclaimer:  I am entitled to my opinions (including the ones on Autism Speaks), and allowed to state them as enforced by Article 19 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Saying "I don't like them" is different from slander, and is just my opinion; I am well within my rights to say so and not be challenged on it.

I also do not own Sans and Papyrus; they are the property of Toby Fox and Undertale.

I do, however, own Kairy and Patch...who are the property/copyrighted to AuTalkz, and by extension, me.