April/May mental health check in...
April was hard. I fell into a depression and had anxiety attacks that were severe enough they could have defended us from an alien attack! (No really, notice that the aliens didn't attack in April, that was all me!)

I'm finally feeling better, so it's back to work! The next episode I'm working on, we finally head through the Panama Canal!!! (Just be warned, I still only had crappy gear at this point, I was running on a car dashboard camera and my old iPhone.)

Speaking of mental health, since I brought it up... It's being interesting to watch how it goes in cycles. I'm hoping that with some more observation I can start predicting the cycles, and therefore prepare for them, (both in my work, as well as mentally).

So, for now, relax, knowing the aliens have been chased off for a while in awe of my amazing stress. (They we're thinking of voting me into their pantheon of gods. We'll see how that goes.) And knowing that all is going well with us here sitting on the beautiful pacific coast of Panama.