April Newsletter~ ❤ (PLS READ)

Hi  beloved patrons! 💗 Thank you for your continued support for April and the last couple of months. Due to college, I wasn't as responsive and active as I'd liked to be, and individual rewards weren't delivered as expected.

But the good news is, starting this week, I'll be on my summer break!
That means I'll be more active than usual. Also, here're some plans I have for you guys to look forward to:

  • Distribute the full K/DA PopStars motion to Diamond patrons (dance motion and kda stages are not included since I don't completely own them. Rights go to owners. But there will be a tutorial/instructions to help you. You can also contact me via Patreon or Discord if you need help)
  • Distribute a part of the K/DA PopStars motion to Ruby patrons (eg. rap motion, laundry scene motions, etc. You may only pick one or depending on how many months you haven't received a reward)
  • MMD to Professional 3D programs tutorials. This summer, I plan to self-learn. I'm currently learning to link MMD to other professional programs such as: Blender, Maya, Cinema4D, ToolBag3, Houdini, and more. Wish me luck. If I master it or atleast get the hang of the programs, I'll be making tutorials about them for you guys! As you can see on the picture, that's my current progress on blender. I'll be posting updates on our patreon chat on Discord~  
  • More WIP vids. You may have already noticed I uploaded a lot today. I have a lot of projects and I hope to share with them all to you, even if its just basic renders.  
  • 60+ Ray Skybox Downloads Early Access. Yes, no joke.  I'm currently converting 60+ hdr skyboxes for mmd raycast since there're so little (only 5). I'll be distributing them for you guys 2 weeks-1 month earlier than anyone else before I distribute them publicly.  So if you're a raycast user, you'll definitely want this ;)  
  • MMD Tutorials (hopefully). No promises but I really do hope to make tutorials for ya'll and the MMD community this summer. I'll be putting them on my website: levijonescc.com (which also reminds me to update my blog there)  

That's all for now~ 😘

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