April Newsletter - What's to come!?
Happy April everyone! I'm amazed its already April, goodness gracious!

Happy birthday to any April babies~!

I hope that everyone's pleased with where the comic is going - I know I can stop cheesin! Don't forget $5+ patrons can read ahead on the private blog!

So there are a few things Id like to go over!

  • Communication and transparency

A reminder that the we do have a discord server  now it allows for communication to be far, far easier. The problem with posting constantly on patreon is the emailing and dashboard flooding, and while I have a public place for constant updates -- it doesn't really work for patrons. When I announce streams or ask what you all might want to see as bonus content etc....it makes it a ton easier communicating on discord.

  • Passionfruit Anthology short story

April is going to be exciting either way for us because on the 3rd I find out if I was accepted to the passionfruit anthology!  Still nervous as ever and ready for either outcome. Regardless, we're going to be getting a short nsfw comic out of it so yayyyyy. I'll be posting the rough script for it for patrons at $3+ tiers too so keep an eye out for that ou<.  Anyway! Wish me luck! 

  • Jamie themed Tshirts!

Tapas asked for me to create some tshirts for the amazon store, so Ill be working on those asap. I already have a mockup of the Vivian shirt. I'll be uploading it soon!

  • Upcoming Hiatus

Sadly this will probably be a pretty lengthy one -- soon I have my mother in law coming to town and I wont be able to work for long hours for about a month. HOWEVER, during this time I'm going to try to dedicate myself to doing a page of sketches a day so that I can share it with you guys -- honestly I haven't done traditional stuff in a while. I am rusty! hahah

Once she's gone I'll be grinding on a lot of stuff to try to make the most out of the downtime. During this hiatus it will be beneficial to be a patron because I'll be sharing everything I work on here. Otherwise, you'll have to wait with the public to see any of the pages and extras content I release - Ill basically only be posting finished commissions and illustrations to twitter and tumblr. 

  • Hiatus to-do list  (stuff only patrons can expect to see!)
-Thumb-nailing and drawing out all of "Pleasant Company" my passion fruit project. 
 -Scripting as FAR as I can. Cleaning up the story line etc. for "Jamie" 
- Adding a new character to the "Jamie" cast sheet - his name is Allan!
- Doing a character page of all the supporting characters in Jamie (probably only a clean sketch)
-Thumb-nailing at least 6 chapters for "Jamie"
- Trying to complete up to a chapter (or two) buffer. (yes. that's pages $5 patrons will have before the public, and it'll only be better from there on!)
- Doing some plot work and perhaps concept art for "Dandelions" 
- Trying to complete some personal illustrations that have been neglected! ;o; - and I will try to livestream these for the public if I can. -- these will also include prints Ive wanted to complete, and the tshirts!
- PRIVATE STREAMS for patrons only! Honestly....There is going to be so much behind the scenes work on these projects that it wont even feel like a break for me and I dont mind sharing the process at all with patrons. Honestly all you have to do is ask for a stream and I'll go live on a dime, no matter what Im working on! (again its far. far. easier to communicate without lag if were on discord, soo realllyyyy consider it - without it...the patreon experience is a little less rounded. 
- PATRON COMMISSIONS! Yeh man, those aren't going to stop just because I'm on hiatus. Nothing will change, not even the monthly streams for them! No change here!

So as you can see, the hiatus isn't going to be unproductive at all -- and I really hope that you decide to stick around or even pledge during because its a symbiotic relationship. Without you I cannot even dream to focus my energy on everything above. And if you enjoy my work I hope it'll be worth the $1 for you ! <3 

Thank you so so sosososososososo much for your continued support. I hope all is well for you and please dont ever fret if you have a question. You can leave it below, send a pm or even message me on discord!