April Patron Report
Hey fans, sorry for the late report. I had to disconnect my internet because I no longer can afford it (they raised the price) and it's part of the reason the updates have been not coming again. That and it's been very hard to work.

I've been very discouraged from doing new art because I get the feeling my career is not actually getting anywhere. I've been doing webcomics for over a decade, and honestly, I have less traffic and less activity than I did when I first got started. It's been hard to motivate myself, because it feels like no one actually cares.

That's why I'm so grateful to you guys. Not only do you support me with encouraging comments, you guys actually put your money where your mouth is and support me financially. That's huge. It's easy to say someone's work is great, but at the end of the day, giving someone money for their work is telling them they are worth something, and that you have confidence in them. Honestly, I've wanted to quit work for several months now. And guys are the only thing that's keeping me going. So thank you for everything <3

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