April Plans!
With March entering its final week, I thought I'd share my plans set for the month of April!

Regular Cosplay posts, STRUCK FIRSTS and collabs will happen if present. Interviews hopefully with Anya Braddock Cosplay and my first duo interview <3

I'll look into setting up that FFXV Recipeh idea this month as well!

PAX East is the first week of April so if things with Mink go well, we could go into recording it the week after. All in all including the early access to the podcast on here, Episode 2 should go live the 3rd/4th week of April. This will also be the first test in adding my intro, opening music AND having people sit in on the recording if you're a paid Patron <3. Above you'll see my map of people who have agreed to being a future guest and their confirmed/tentative month they'll be on it :)