April Poll Results are in!
April's poll closed late last week, so here's the results!  We have 5 votes for TeaFeathers concept development, 1 vote for the Eskie comic, and 7 votes for another "slice of life" style  illustration, so this month I'll be working on a new TeaFeathers piece! Here are the ideas I laid out last month, with a tweak for Calluna's illustration idea.  I'm leaning towards one with Nym and Fallyn this time, never drawn one of her doing her job!

~Nym and her brother Fallyn (Nym's brother) out on a courier run.

~Karu (Nym's mom) concocting some new medicines while Lapi looks on.

~The Harp answering letters at her desk with The Shadow giving advice.

~The Shadow sharpening weapons in peaceful solitude.

~Calluna (Nym's sister) drinking tea, looking over recent paperwork for her ambassador job.

Thia week I'm working on a full illustration commission, so I'm scheduling the stream for a little ways out.  I'll go live on Monday April 18th, and should go for a couple days thanks for increased patronage!  My stream channel can be found on Tigerdile, and I'll post alerts all over my various pages like I usually do, if you watch me on those places