April Postcards
I spent yesterday listening to Billie Holiday, writing out poems with my tongue between my teeth and a parrot on my shoulder. They're all finished up, and I'll mail them out on Monday.  🌞 

For my audio peeps - I  plan to post the recordings on the 15th of each month. That gives everyone time to get their cards so they can read along if they like.

An update on the chapbook process. It is ready to go, except for one small (huge) detail - some of the poems are still out for submission with journals! I'll have to hear back yea or nay from those publishers before I can go ahead and have it bound. Either way, they'll still be in the collection, but I want to be able to give publication credit if they're accepted. My target goal is my birthday in July! 

[The Greeks believed that everyone was born with a daimon (the Romans translated this word as genii, which is how we get the word genius) who was their personal creative muse. The tradition was to give back to the universe something you had created each year on your birthday. If you didn't honor the daimon, it would stop helping you. We can't have that!]

While I'm waiting to hear back, I'm hard at work on another collection.  Thanks to all of you again for your support and encouragement!