April Razor Candi's Birthday Special!

April is MY birthday month so I decided to celebrate by making some interesting rewards for the Tiers that get printed rewards by mail. Theme wise I went with a more blasphemous and demonic look. I used the pentagram hand photo from my Krampusnacht set that was inspired by the drawing made by the amazingly talented @onemorefix to make stickers and pins, both circular as I think the image looks really cool framed in a circle. Also I thought the horns I wore for the Fallen set last year would make an awesome look for die cut stickers but I wanted to also make topless stickers so the design you see below is what I decided to go with.  

To keep things on the simple side logistically I decided to give these special rewards to Tiers that already get physical rewards so I have all of the shipping addresses. If anyone considers pledging or upgrading to any of these Tiers make sure to update your shipping address in your Patreon profile.

Here is a a breakdown of the rewards with each eligible Tier:

Tier 5 ($30) will receive 4" circle sticker with the penta-hands photo.

Tier 6 ($50) will receive 5" x 8" die cut sticker of uncensored topless image from my Fallen set + the 4" circle sticker.

Tier 8 ($100) will receive the 1.5" circle pin + the 4" circle sticker & 5" x 8" die cut sticker.

Please keep in mind that this is a limited time offer! You have to be pledging on the Tiers above by April 15th to be eligible for these special rewards so act quick!

But that's not all! I'm launching this special together with a new goal. I think my more demonic looks have proven to be very popular so I decided that when I reach 175 total Patrons I will bring back the full Fallen set & video for the month when I hit this goal. I hope this will be in April so that it makes most sense with the extra physical rewards so I encourage you to help me reach my goal and make my birthday month awesome!!!

PLEASE REMEMBER THESE ARE EXTRA REWARDS IN APRIL!  You will still receive the regular monthly physical rewards with 5x7 & 8x10 prints and Polaroids and all the digital rewards for your monthly support which means the daily photo updates, 6 photo sets (7 if we reach the new goal!) that's over 384 photos AND 25 minute video + Snapchat access! 

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