Another successful month! Didn't get as much "done" this month, but lots of forward progress none-the-less. :) - Ordered a bunch of upgrades for the stream and channel with Patreon funds + donations. - Ordered and set up a softbox light. - Got the green screen set up and functional, and streamed with it! - Was sick for over a week, again. #CreepyUnclePhedran :P - Upgraded to 16GB of RAM instead of 6GB! - Finished Portal 1. Started Never Alone. - Magicraft server started!? - First "official" Patron UHC! - Started trying to do some "EU-friendly" early streams. - Did some more research on capture cards + handheld capturing. - Sourced a console capture card + 3DSXL, just waiting on shipping and components. - Found and set up a monitor solely for using with my Vita TV + console capturing. - Started gathering the components to do more rhythm gaming~! - Cleaned out and reorganized my entire room and workspace! - Discovered games I didn't even knew I had in storage when grabbing some consoles! - Started receiving my monthly Indie Box packages~! - Got in touch with a bunch more developers, artists, musicians, and designers! - Was thanked in the credits of Crypt of the NecroDancer! - Bought tickets for Twitchcon and PAX Prime 2015~! PHEW! Okay, when you put it like that... that's kinda impressive. And that's not all of it! Things I didn't do this month? - Keep on top of comments. (Still haven't caught up after being sick.) - Start the podcast. >:P (I think I just need a kick in the pants on this one. I'm scurred!) - Get to inbox zero. (4 emails left!!) So. There's still some work to do. I did finally ship out the $45-tier packages due out last month, so hopefully those should arrive sooner rather than later, terribly sorry about the wait! Postcards for April have been ordered and I'm hoping to get all the physical packages out ASAP when they arrive. I've got loads of artists working on the next images, and two or three "backup" postcards I can use in case I don't get any done in time. VERY possible we might get a t-shirt campaign going this month or next month? Merch designs are coming along. Also working on getting some design and graphic work done specifically for the Twitch channel. Already got next months musician lined up, just need to keep on top of that and get a few more confirmed ahead. This month? I've got an appointment in Vancouver to go get approved for a Nexus card, which should make travelling easier. More equipment and hardware should be arriving so hopefully I can start figuring out how to do console, handheld, and possibly even mobile game capture by the end of the month? REALLY hoping we can get a t-shirt campaign by the end of the month or early next month (hope that's something you're interested in?). Going to be re-ordering buttons and getting some new designs made in the next few months so I have everything in time for convention season, as well as hopefully a couple other exciting swag items~ You might have noticed, a lot of the stuff I'm working on ... is kinda part of Milestone Goals we haven't actually hit yet? I assumed that I'd need a lot more time and funding to be able to do those things which is why I put them higher up, but, I really want to DO these things and don't just want to unnecessarily gate them behind "tiers" if I can get the time and equipment and stuff to do them NOW! Sooooo I'll be working on revamping/rebalancing the goal tiers again to reflect what I'm capable of providing so far, and what I'll still need help on achieving. :) ... And here I was thinking I had nothing to talk about! Anyways, thank you all SO MUCH once again for helping support me so that I can do what I love for a living. My life has improved immeasurably since starting up Patreon, and I'm so glad I've gotten to get to know you all better and have you in my life. *HUGS*