April Rewards Shipped
I'm back from the Steampunk Worlds Fair and boy am I wiped! It was such a fantastic event for us. It was also wonderful getting to see a lot of NJ friends before our big move back to CA. 

I have a few things going on right now wedding wise, I'll post some of the project builds I am doing for that soon AND I am working on a new cosplay for a shoot next week as a memorable thing to do with one of my best friends out here. 

In the meantime, April rewards have been shipped to $10+ backers. You'll be receiving my brand new spiral horn design in random colors. 

The melt of the month was delayed due to SPWF so two are in the mail for March & April: White Stag & Faun.

I'll be posting a Pennywise Wallpaper by next week for $5+ Patrons.

AND more YouTube videos are coming shortly, they just need to be edited! 

Thank you all so very much for supporting my work, I literally couldn't do any of this without you amazing peeps! I'm on my way to living my dreams one project at a time.