April Rewards and MotM Announcement
Hey Gang! Huge thank you to everyone supporting our work. We are SO CLOSE to our second goal and I am so hoping we can make that happen in the next couple months. Freeing up time spent at shows that are not quite 'us' to spend more time on our conceptual work would be so fulfilling and give us a chance to really stretch our skills and the medium of glass to new heights.

Lots of announcements coming up including potential new rewards levels, but in the meantime, we have a little announcement about the Mini of the Month.

As of May 1st, Mini of the Month pendants will ONLY be available through Patreon patronage. They will not be available online or at shows, so if you love the little guys, this is now the only way to collect them!

Here are the rewards for April.

Sticker: We'll be sending out Baby Oberon Dragon. He's super cute.

Mini of the Month: Elmira White Tiger - she's adorable with her high contrast stripes and little pink nose.

Chibi Hunter/ Pendant Collector: Honey Bee. I'm loving sculpting this one up. She has a ton of personality and I just adore that yellow.

Again - just the biggest thanks for your support, everyone. We have such high hopes for sharing our work with the world, and you help us do that each and every month. Truly, you are the best.

Have fun,


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