April Rewards + Hiatus
I have some important updates to announce.

Hiatus: Raruurien comic site

My life is having an unexpected turn right now. 

It was my dream to be able to do culture research and do concept art for a game but I have never got a chance to do it before. Concept art is a rare occupation in my country because no one actually need it and no one have enough budget for it. I was planning to give up on this dream until someone approached me and offer me this game project that have budget for a concept artist. The job task includes culture research which is... damn! it bothered me so much. I want to do it!  So after a lot of thinking, I decided to accept the job offer. But I already got my hand full right now, I need to let go one of current project I'm handling, which come to Raruurien :' 

I'll put Raruurien comic site (raruurien.com) in hiatus for two months. There will be no two pages per week comic update, but there will be concept art update 2-4 pages per month instead.

Hiatus: Raruurien Patreon

I'm not give up on Raruurien yet! The contract for concept artist job is only temporary and I won't stop the development of Raruurien. It will be slower, but I'll keep posting the progress here in Patreon and Raruurien comic site.

Of course, I'll feel bad to charge you without any comic pages to offer. That's why, this Raruurien Patreon will be paused starting next month (after all April pledges have been processed). Which mean, you won't get charged for May patronage.

Moving Out

My home right now is quite far from the game dev studio I'll work at, so I'll move out tomorrow (so sudden!) I've cut off my internet provider at home and it will be a while before I can set up a new one on my new residence. So I won't be able to do live streaming anytime soon.  

There is few days between moving out and first day of work. I'll use it to catch up with any rewards I haven't delivered *cough...* color palette tutorial. 

Wish me luck!