April rewards update
Patreon will start charging your account tomorrow, on May 1st.  Once your account is flagged as "processed" you will receive your rewards via Patron Message with a dropbox download link (between May 3-5).

I will send out the rewards after the first wave of payments is processed. If your payment didn't go through the first time, you'll have to wait a bit longer. Patreon will keep trying to charge your account a couple more times.

Here are the rewards for April for each tier:

$1 Backstage tier

  • Mobile wallpaper of Imperius vs Diablo

$3 VIP tier

  • Imperius desktop wallpaper (all sizes)
  • I haven't created any lineart this month

$5 VIP+ tier

  • Imperius desktop wallpaper + alternate color version (all sizes)
  • New borders around your portrait on my twitch overlay for each month of patronage. If this is your 2nd month you'll get a glowy green border. Three months of patronage earned you a glowy blue border (with extra sparkles).
  • Those who ordered a badge will get 5% off.

$10 Workshop tier

In addition to all the above you'll get:

  • Imperius vs. Diablo: HD Timelapse video + PSD
  • Tutorial 1: painting fire (walkthrough + process video + PSD + 10 fire brushes)
  • Tutorial 2: painting fabric, metal and fur (walkthrough + process video + PSD + 12 texture brushes). Inspired by Hugshot's request.
  • Tutorial 3: painting glowy spell FX (PSD + 4 sparkle brushes)
  • Tutorial 4: how to draw a burning candle (process steps + PSD)
  • Tutorial 5: how to draw hands (process steps + PSD). Requested by Plushtoy.
  • Bonus: 1 PSD + 3x HD Timelapse video (Orc, Night elf and Tauren)

$20 Fanmail tier

In addition to all the above, you'll get a handsigned 20x30cm print of my Val'kyr of the Light portrait.

$50 Champion tier

In addition to all the above, you'll get a traditional pencil sketch with your fanmail. If you didn't send me a request for this month, you'll receive a sketch of a random hero from a Blizzard game! Champions can also email me their art for critique.

All these rewards were created thanks to your support!

Thank you for making this possible, you rock! <3