April Rewards Preview!
Hi everyone!

I've been incredibly busy recently with client projects, family/life, and some awesome new comic books that will be released (hopefully) soon!

I'll be posting new comic page previews, sketches, WIPs, processes, and more in the next few days including previews of two comic projects that I've been dying to share with you for a while.

The first is Project Autumn, an anthology featuring the work of myself and 9 amazingly talented artists from the UK. I've been told that I can share parts of my pages with you guys for now, and should be able to share them properly in the next week or so once the publisher is ready to announce an official release date. The comic itself is about Orion, a guy with no memories auditioning for a job "sunsetting" worlds. His job is simple: a world has peaked, he pushes it over the edge to it's doom... kind of a multiversal recycling service. Except every world is illustrated by a different artist and those styles impact on his experience (and it looks pretty cool too).

The second is Hier Spirits, which is one of my personal projects because I really wanted to make something a little more light hearted that'd suit a black and white manga-style where I could release short 8-12 page "episodes". It's an LGBT* romance, with spirits/demi-goddesses who are bored of the same old grind, and want to find some excitement by setting up shop as freelance investigators or at least trying to.

As always, thank you all for your continuing support, it really means a lot to me.