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April Rewards
Hello! It's been quiet here lately, huh? I managed to injure my hand (twice), and so that is why you haven't heard much from me since Easter ^^;  Very sorry to the postal tiers - your parcels were sent late this month so they will arrive later than usual. I hope what is inside will make up for it <3

You might have noticed I set up a new website! Visit to see my new blog :) It's been a busy month in many ways. 

This month's theme was: Witchy Kitchen!

All rewards will be delivered  by the first week of May! 

Chamomile +

Patreon-Only Instagram (@crownteajournal) to follow my daily art life! This is open to ALL my patreons, so comment with your insta username so I can approve your follow request. I mostly post to Instagram, so you'll miss a lot of content otherwise.

Lavender +

Printable recipe card! 

Beech +

Process Gifs and walkthroughs of a few illustrations of this month,

Nettle & Larch

Witch print (to match last month's), stickers, recipe card and a set of invites so you can host your own lunch or dinner party and invite your friends! Larch tier special inclusion: a witchy recipe from my favourite themed cookbook, A Country Cup.

Thank you so much for another wonderful month! I hope you like these rewards <3