April Stream Scheduled
This month's patron-exclusive stream will be on April 21st (this coming Friday,) at 7pm Central time. Going to be alternating between working on a wallpaper image and requests, hope to see you!
Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per month
Pledge $0.01 or more per month
Patrons Only
Pledge $1 or more per month
49 patrons
Thank you! You'll forever have my gratitude for supporting FE, your name on the Wall of Awesome and access to all Patreon-exclusive posts. If you pledge during a Short Story month (now a bi-monthly event!) you'll receive your own PDF copy of that comic when it's completed. Also, if we ever meet in person I will give you a high-five!

Pledge $5 or more per month
18 patrons
You're awesome! Not only will you have access to Patreon content, your own PDFs and high-fives, but also access to all past and future donation wallpapers.
Pledge $10 or more per month
4 patrons
You deserve applause! Your name and a sketched portrait will be forever memorialized in a 'Wall of Awesome' section on the FE website.

Will need description or reference of your appearance to create portrait. If this is not available, artistic liberties can be taken with your permission to make you look awesome.

Pledge $15 or more per month
5 patrons
You're amazing! Not only will you have a sketched portrait on the website, but also reserve a free, signed copy of all future printed comics to be shipped to you - including the patron exclusive short story comics.

Pledge must be made during the month pre-orders for said comic is being taken. If the cost to ship a comic to an address exceeds $15, please contact me directly to discuss alternative methods of receiving your comic.

Pledge $25 or more per month
20 patrons
You exist in the FE universe! If you have an original furry character or alias, their description and/or reference pics will be included in my reference materials. Every time I need to draw a crowd or background characters, I'll include the yours as often as I can! Also, you'll receive printed copies of the short story comics as they're completed, AND an original page from that comic! 

By providing a character reference, you are confirming you have full ownership of this character and have given permission for them to appear in online and printed FE works.
Pledge $50 or more per month
4 patrons
Sweet Swag Squared! You'll received everything from the previous tiers, (high five, wallpapers, portrait, reserved comics, original art, existing) and can order a 8.5" x 11" commission for every pledge.

Commissions are made with traditional materials, sealed in 5 mil thick display lamination (unless requested otherwise), and mailed to you via USPS post. Alternative commissions types (such as badges or digital commissions) can be discussed, NSFW themes will not be accepted, but I'm happy to help brainstorm alternative ideas.
Pledge $100 or more per month
0 patrons
Sweet Swag Awesomeness! You'll receive all the rewards from the $1-$25 tiers, (high five, wallpapers, portrait, reserved comics, original art, existing),  and can order TWO commissions per pledge! Plus, each month you will receive a Mystery Bonus Envelope, containing randomly selected original sketches and artwork from the comic.
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