April Update
A new poll is already in the works and currently I'm awaiting for all eligible patrons to submit their candidate characters for it and it will be posted for general voting before the end of this week.  As always the resulting image will have variant versions exclusive to patrons only.  Also to point out that this new poll will also have two characters instead of  one but with a twist: this will be a couple's pic - a pairing of a male and female character which should prove interesting.

Also preliminary sketching for new pages of "Night of The White Bat" is underway as I plan to deliver 2 pages for it this month together with the corresponding rewards associated with it.

Also expect new content relating to commission pieces, one of which will feature a vixen from a very popular video game franchise, and before you ask, this specific vixen isn't blue =P 

This new content will be up as soon as each is completed.

Once again I thank all continued and new patrons for your support, input and patronage.