April Update//Possible changes


Hello Patrons!

Apologies for the silence. With the release date for PROMARE announced (5.24), situation at the studio has been quite hectic!
I’ve got quite the number of updates to share with everyone today. Some of these are still pending so it would be great to hear how everyone feels about these.

Events for April to May
I’ve mentioned in previous post as well, but due to the production of PROMARE, we will have to take a break from some of our activities. Our next live drawing stream will sadly have to be postponed until June or later.
However, we are considering to conduct  a “filler” stream. The content of the stream may include a toy/figurine review by Hiromi Wakabayashi, or possibly a game play stream with the community. It’d be great if we can receive some input if there are any demands for these, or possibly other suggestions!

Change in Payment procedure
Hopefully this is not an issue to the majority of our supporters. The studio has decided that it would be best if those who wish to join our community will be charged upfront. The change will not affect our pre-existing Patrons, and will mainly be a change applied to those who are planning to become a Patron of ours in the future.

The system is explained by the Patreon support page as follows,

Your existing patrons will be charged on the 1st of the month like usual. However, if they increase or decrease their pledge the month you switch to charge up front, they will be billed immediately in full.

We hope to put this into effect starting this May.

Handling of our Shikishi/Autograph boards
Throughout various posts, we’ve been requested if the Shikishi/Autograph board can be a part of a raffle. While we would like to offer such service, there seems to be a rule against raffles on Patreon.
However, we might be able to do a first come first serve sale for these Shikishi/Autograph board if there enough demands.

The idea is to prepare a new tier with limited quantity (The quantity will reflect the amount of illustrations we have). The Patron will not be able to choose which illustration, but will be guaranteed to receive the physical Shikishi/Autograph boards. In order to provide a fair chance to all of our participants, the Shikishi/Autograph tier will be deleted or unpublished every month to avoid any single Patron to repeatedly receive the reward. (I believe it was impossible to edit or delete a tier if there are active participants in a particular tier which is a concern)

There are however many more concerns at our end so we are in the process of consulting with a Patreon representative if such concept is possible.

And, that is it for what's on our plate for now! All of your feedback and inputs are important to us so please let us know through the comment section below!

Before I wrap it up, a sneak peak for our March Shikishi...! Hopefully I'll get around the scans by this week.

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