Hello, all!  It's the first full month for me on Patreon, and I'm finding my feet yet.  If you have subscribed at the $10 level, I will be mailing out your letters Monday morning.  I've written nine pieces of The Solute this month.

First, I Celebrated the Living of Martin Sheen, Doris Roberts (a week before she died!), Christopher Walken, and S. E. Hinton.  Alas, I also commemorated the death of Prince.

In regular articles, we have "An Elite Stuffed Bear?"  This is a grumbling about a show my kid really loves.  "Beverly Cleary, Age 100" is a tribute to a fine author and an examination of why she, and several other major writers, have so few movies made based on their work.  "Princesses and the Rest of the Company" looks at the Disney Princess and what a relatively small part of the actual output of Disney she is.  And finally, "Actually, It Is That Bad" looks at the deaths of 2016 in the world of celebrity and how the year stacks up relative to other years.  Spoiler--a lot of famous people have died this year, you guys!

What's ahead?  I've gone ahead and ordered a copy of a certain notorious book of the 1950s looking at comic books, and I'll be adding a weekly analysis of that, also to appear on The Solute.  Hopefully, my depression is ebbing, so I'll be writing more reviews on Letterboxd--I'd note that we're hoping to see Civil War this month.  And the first Living to be Celebrated in May will be the great Harvey Keitel.