April Update
Hello everyone! It's April already, can you believe it? This year is just flying by. I ended up not getting as much time for art last month as I thought I was going to get. But that's OK. Just have to keep moving forward, even if it's not the pace you were hoping for. New things to come this month will most likely be comic stuff and commissions(information located under outgoing links), or at least that's what I'm shooting for. I'm still in character design mode for comics but will be posting a few things soon. Last month the charger for my laptop officially died and I haven't been able to charge my laptop for about a weekish... But! The charger should be in today. So fingers crossed, I should be posting more again starting tomorrow. And! As of Monday my first goal was reached! I cannot put into words how excited I was to achieve my first goal! I'm kinda pessimistic when it comes to my art, but having all of you supporting me seriously helps my way of thinking so much. That's why I want to have a goal giveaway for every goal I reach! I want you all to be as excited about reaching a goal as I am! ...maybe not as excited. But still! I feel I need to do something for all of you and if I had the time to draw something for all of you I would...sadly I barely have time for the things I do now... Goal giveaway winner will be announced tomorrow! Thank you all again so very much! You're the best! -isac