Hello Lovely Folks:

I am taking a short break from doing taxes *sob* to check in with y'all! Today's weather is supposed to get a bit scary in the afternoon, so I may or may not be online much later today. (I'll just take my laptop into the basement and whimper under a blanket and continue to work on taxes.) I just got a notice from the school about them ending school early today, so I'll need to type fast. (Gotta pick up the Simon.)

Last night when I should have been going to sleep, I surfed the internet instead and discovered that my college piano professor Dr. Ronald Shinn has a page on his website  that links to his students and former students' creative projects. And he has one linking to the very smug dungeon master edition of the music video for  "I Put My Low Stat." Bree! You guys, that was the first actual music video I did for y'all back in 2015! I'm ridiculously happy about seeing that link. [Edit: Sadly, the link is broken, because we migrated my website away from Yahoo early last year. Ah well. I may message him on Facebook.]

And that brings me to the next item: our upcoming Coffee With a Friend  video. I have got to get done with these taxes, so I can have that bandwidth back. But, Hans Helsson has gotten me some footage and it is ADORABLE! He is wearing a Cthulhu hat, (also adorbs!), and you can wear something like that if you would like, but you can also just send me footage of you drinking coffee and emoting somehow--happy, scared, whatever. Tentacles optional. It would be extra great if you can film it in front of a quasi academe setting (with sigils and math!) or a coffee shop. And finally, to get me through doing my taxes I have made a couple of spotify playlists.

The Blue List  

(dedicated to Amy "Fiddler with a Patreon" McNally) featuring songs and other musical works with the word "blue" in the title.

The Purple List  

featuring songs and other musical works with the word "purple" in the title. I'm still paring this one down, and there is one song that has  "violet" instead.

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