April Update (not a Fools!)
Happy April, everyone.

This month you can expect 2 PDFs to come your way.

The first is the 5e version of "Horrors of the Aboleth" . Horrors is finished, in the hands of Rogue Genius Games for layout, and will be available to Protagonist backers and higher. You've seen some of these critters translated into 5e on Tribality, but this product will include every critter from the original, plus the Ulat-Kini (aka: skum) as both a monster and a playable race. You'll also get a few alchemical items to add to your 5e Alchemist's world-wide search for the science of magic.

The second will be available to backers at the Supporting Cast level and higher, and is one you may not have heard of. Yet, it's one of my favorite pieces of work.

Mundane No More: Texts and Tomes was my answer to the following frustration:

Words. We love them. We’re gamers, after all. From novels to rule sets to textbooks to cereal boxes, non-magical language is the foundation of our imaginations. So why is it that PCs rifle through libraries in search of spellbooks and magical manuals while leaving generations of carefully cultivated knowledge strewn under their muddy boots?

T&T was my first solo project and one I'm particularly proud of. It started as an experiment back in the early '00s when I was DM'ing a long-running campaign in the fantastic Scarred Lands* setting for 3.0. I originally posted the rules on my personal website but when my mentor, Christina Stiles, saw them she asked me to take them down, flesh them out, and sell them under her then-new imprint.

It was a fairly small product, and pretty much no one new my name, so though I was over the moon to see this finally in print and it garnered two 5-Star reviews fairly quickly, it didn't make much of a splash.

But then I got wind that the highly-respected industry reviewer, Endzeitgeist, had gotten a hold of T&T and gave it a review that raises my spirits to this day.

Rich Howard’s "Mundane No More" is a glorious little pdf, one of these hidden gems that are easily overlooked, but shouldn’t be. The rules herein make bookish characters work better, make the trip to the sage more compelling and generally increase the immersion into a given fantasy world. 


...this is one of the hidden gems, a great file and well worth 5 stars +seal of approval!

Texts & Tomes spawned two sequels as well: Psionic Repositories and The Lands Beyond, both of which got solid praise by the same reviewer (with a few very reasonable critiques for Repositories that made me kick myself for not thinking of myself). This series was the first time I'd put my ideas on "paper" and offered them for sale. The fact that T&T received high praise from someone I respect helped to give me the confidence to get where I am now, and I'm extremely happy to be able to share this one with you.

You should be getting an email link from Christina Stiles or Christina Stiles Presents in the next week, and one from Rogue Genius Games as soon as their layout is finished (Owen was ill so their schedule is a bit backed up).

A quick, but huge, Thank You to everyone who's given the 5e Alchemist a rating or review. Those reviews help a ton, both for sales and, as I just mentioned, for my soul. Thanks so much.

And as always, please contact me if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, and dive into our conversations on Twitter and FB!

* = Scarred Lands was one of the best settings produced for 3.0 and apparently had a successful KS recently I had no idea about. You will be able to get the 5e version soon! But don't wait! If you can find the original sourcebooks or PDFs somewhere, DO IT! It's that good.