Tis I Lev, your humble poet, with two poetry announcements -- 3 poetry annoncements!

1) we apologize for the delay of April's poem. We hope you like the art you've seen and hope to get the poem to you ASAP.

2) I, Lev, just placed 2nd place in Balticon's speculative Poetry contest! My poem "Date Night With The Astronomer" will be published here at the end of the con. (I have yet to decide if my schedule/health will allow me to either attend a public reading at the con or if I should offer to send in a recording.)

3) in June, my poem "Sunken", a reimagining of the Sinking of Numenor from the point of view of a fisherman, will appear in NewMyths.com. The writing of that poem took place after the Patreon was started and was only possible because of your immense generosity as patrons.  As is customary in all my publications, I will be posting more about it -- usually I post it on my Wordpress, but a special, longer version of the "liner notes" will appear here on Patreon to thank you all for how you've enabled our work.

4) Your largesse resulted in Aleksei writing a whopping ELEVEN POEMS in April, one of which is nine hand-written pages. One of his poems will be online shortly for your pleasure. I (Lev) wrote 3. He also created about 7 new pieces of art.

A brief update on longform writing & other news:

We are currently focusing most of our writing energies on the Faerie States novel affectionately titled "The Christmas From Hell" and have hit about the halfway point.  This is the story that the interviews with Father Adriano and Larisa Rechkalova came from.

Aleksei and I are both applying for an MFA that focuses on combining art forms; until that application is in on the 15th, our time will be somewhat annoyingly abbreviated as we frantically put together artistic portfolios, some of the contents of which we'll share with you. 

Thank you so much for everything you enable us to do. Your financial support has taken a huge burden off of us and allowed us to create more freely, worrying less about taking part-time work. Please share with friends! If we hit the next tier of support, short stories will start to go online.

Happy May Day!

- Lev & Aleksei