April Votes are in
It was a really close vote, but Prehistoric Age beat out The Glorious Goat by just a single vote this month. Just a reminder that your vote does mean a lot when it comes to choosing a project, like in this particular case. The Glorious Goat will make a return in future months because that really is something I want to work on, but in the meantime, we've got prehistoric stuff to work on.

Right now the intent is two-fold, to cover both monsters (dinosaurs and the like) and primitive weapons (rules for crafting them, how they break, etc). Despite letting my brain settle in on that, I couldn't think of anything more to do that would fit within the scope of this project. Either way, I will be asking patrons at the $3 tier and higher what creatures they'd like to see, since doing ~all~ dinosaurs and ~all~ prehistoric animals is perhaps a bit too ambitious.

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