April's Giveaways!

For April's Monthly Giveaways, Wendy McLaughlin won Finn's Finn Sword AND the monthly Rupee. Chris Suino won the grass sword. Congratulations and thank you for your continued support!

May's Giveaway's are another Rupee and Harley Quinn's Full Size Mallet! (youtube.com/watch?v=74REvSbzqAU

To be illegible for All Giveaways head over to patreon.com/minatek616 and start sending me a dollar a month so I can keep bringing stuff to life!

 Don't be fooled by the numbers, atm there are only 3 people donating 1  dollar each who are in the drawings (most moneys coming from fam who  just want to support). That gives each a 33% chance of winning. Which  means donating a dollar yourself would give you a 25% chance. More  dollars do increase your chances.