April's Song!
I am having some technical difficulties with posting this time!! Sincere apologies! I posted on Friday, but apparently it has not come through. If you received the song, please let me know. I am going to try to repost today. If for some reason you are charged twice for this month's song please let me know right away and I will remedy it!! Thank you for your support and patience as I solve this!!
Tier Benefits
"The Downloaders"
$1 or more per Video 7 patrons
For $1/month you will receive two song downloads – a brand new song and a brand new recording of an old song.
"The Flash Drivers"
$3 or more per Video 5 patrons
For $3/month you will ALSO get a hard copy of the flash drive in May 2018 with all 100 songs (must be subscribed for 6 months through the year)
"The Lyric & Liners"
$5 or more per Video 7 patrons
For $5/month you will also get a copy of the lyrics and liner notes for each song as they are released
(Plus all of the rewards listed above.)
"The Tee Shirts"
$10 or more per Video 4 patrons
For $10/month you will also get one Gina Holsopple album sent to the person of your choice during the 2017 holiday season as a gift AND a t-shirt in May of 2018
"The Song Sketchers"
$50 or more per Video 1 patron
For $25/month you will get one song sketch. By May 2018 I will have made a sketch for each song on the 40th birthday album. 100 songs/100 sketches. At this subscription level you will get a copy of one sketch each month. And for $50/month the song sketch will be sent to you framed.
(Plus all of the rewards listed above.)
"The Studios"
$100 or more per Video 0 of 15 patrons
For $100/month you will also receive an open invitation to join me in the recording studio each month. Be a full part of the process! 

(Plus all of the other rewards)

"The Concerts"
$200 or more per Video 0 of 15 patrons
For $200/month (subscribed for 3 months) or for one $500/month subscription I will travel to you and perform a house concert for you and whoever else you'd like to invite! In your living room, backyard, wherever – enjoy a full live performance. 
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