#AprilTTRPGMaker - Question 16
Any design partners?

Totally. I work on my own stuff and things with other people too.

I'm working with Chris Chung on a card game that's called Fighting Words.

I'm working with Andrew Wurm and Greg Milikin who are both S&D Instigators on the CC Horror game.

I'm working with Kate Bullock on Awoke.

I've worked with Geoff Bottone on Critical!: Go Westerly

I've worked with Curt Covert to get J'accuse to a better spot for publishing.

I'm sure there are going to be more opportunities to work with more people and they're going to be lots of fun! I love working with people, and alone. They're both very different kinds of design experiences.

Image credit (honestly, looked up team work and was like ehhh until I saw the pointing finger-gun ish part and was like SOLD!)

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