Aquarius Lunar Eclipse
I had the honor of doing a past-life regression/shamanic journey for a longtime client last night. In one of the lifetimes we visited, Native Americans still lived in the traditional way in the deserts of the Old West. After the session, I walked outside and saw the nearly full Moon shining down on two lone clouds in the shape of a sword and a feather. At least that's how I perceived them.
I thought of the words of Jesus Christ: "I come not to bring peace, but a sword." That whole passage used to bother me as a child. I couldn't understand why Jesus said he came to Earth to turn the son against the father and the daughter against the mother. And that we would have to renounce our family and give up our identity if we wanted to follow his lead.
But I think those words are truly resonant for this time. So many of the people we love are sleepwalking through life. They're hooked into the media's vision of reality and/or still locked into the belief systems and trauma patterns of their family system.
It's wise to remember that the entities that pay for the programming you watch on your TV, computer or mobile device are not doing this from an excess of generosity. They want to sell you their products and services and - while this is slowly changing - the proven way to sell you on something is to reinforce the belief that you are inherently lacking.
The problem with the walking dead is not just that they're unconscious of the possibilities this time in history offers. Those who are not awake and not trying to wake up are projecting massive amounts of fear, anger, shame and resentment into the collective consciousness. The "news" is designed to reinforce these emotions, of course.
Which makes it a tricky time for those of us who are waking up. We not only have to deal with our own stuff; we also have to deal with the projected emotions of those around us. In many cases, the most toxic zombies are the ones closest to us - our families, spouses, partners and old friends.
"Our fellow men are black magicians," said Don Juan. Meaning, those who know us best often attempt to block our growth by subtly projecting their image of who we used to be (or who they 'need' us to be) onto our current reality. I don't think this is conscious in most cases, but these people have a vested interest in keeping us from evolving. As long as we remain stuck in our old problems, they can avoid looking at their own shadow. 
Just being aware of this process of projection can help us to break free. When we acknowledge that playing small to avoid rocking a loved one's reality is in fact perpetuating their own suffering (as well as our own), it gets much harder to stay stuck in the status quo.
Eclipses tend to bring shadow material out into the open. They often bring surprising and sudden shifts in our outer reality as well. Fortunately, the three eclipses occurring between Thursday and Sept. 16 seem radically supportive. I can't really remember seeing an eclipse season where the charts look so largely positive. 
Thursday's partial lunar eclipse in Aquarius makes a close trine to Aquarius' modern ruling planet, Uranus, suggesting that sudden, shocking - but ultimately positive - changes are imminent. The Sabian symbols for this eclipse (exact at 5:26 am EDT on Thursday):
Sun: After a heavy storm, a rainbow
Moon: A garage man testing a car's battery with a hydrometer
The first symbol seems self-explanatory - a promise that no matter how bad things seem on the surface, we are protected and cared for. A better reality is right around the corner.
The symbol for the Moon (the emotional, subconscious element the eclipse is bringing to light) suggests to me that we need to be aware of where our energy is going. If we focus our attention on the storm for too long, we lose energy. It's hard not be sucked into the pain, fear, and despair in the collective consciousness. But we have tools. We simply need to remember to use them. With batteries recharged, we can refocus on the rainbow - on the new reality we are individually and collectively trying to create. The word "hydrometer" is interesting here, too, suggesting that keeping tabs on water - our emotions - is key to staying in balance and vitality.
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