ArabLit Story Prize 2018
This funding goal will allow ArabLit to kick off our inaugural short-story contest:

What we're looking for: Short-short stories, under 1500 words, translated from Arabic into English. Entrants will need to submit the story in English and the Arabic original, and demonstrate that they have translation rights to the story. A sentence of permission from the author will do.

There will be no fee for entries. 

Judges: The inaugural judges are set to be author Maan Abu Taleb (All the Battles), literary translator Thoraya El Rayyes, and novelist Ruqaya Izzidien (The Watermelon Boys)

The process: ArabLit editor M. Lynx Qualey will serve as prize administrator and pass on the eligible stories to the judges, who will choose first a five-story shortlist, then a single winner. MLQ will not be involved in this selection process.

The prize: Each of the shortlisted short-short stories will be awarded $50, with an additional $200 for the winner. In all cases, the winnings will be split evenly between translator and author. The prize money is small; its judging integrity will be central.

Your support: The contest will kick off as soon as we reach our next funding goal of $200/month. Please do give us a hand!

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