arc 14 pg 2
toot toot! ben's avoiding the subject. the high res version of this page will be on my site! NOW on to some IMPORTANT INFORMATION. december is a 5-week month this year, which means that y'all might not have budgeted for an extra page!! i urge you to check up on your patronage, and cap it at 4 weeks worth if need be to avoid being charged next week. next week will be filler art too, so don't feel at all guilty for capping your patronage. other than that uuuuh i hope y'all have (or are having! or have had!) great winter holidays. :>
Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per month
Pledge $0.01 or more per month
Patrons Only
star stuff
$1 or more per month
you get so very much gratitude, oh my.  you also get:
if you can't manage 1$ a month, ANY support will still gain you access to all of these things. cuz i love you. :>
  • access to comic inks
  • pages 3 days earlier than the rest of the world!
  • access to writing notes
  • access to comic thumbnails
  • access to any other patreon-only content!
first hit's (mostly) free
$5 or more per month
you get ONE brushpen.  this is a one-time reward!
Brushy Brushy
$15 or more per month
  i'll draw you a (pg13 rated, single character) brushpen piece once per month!  
badges, busts, inks & experiments
$30 or more per month
Once a month you get to pick what you'd like me to draw for you!

- a BUST character pic in pen/marker

- a full-character in lineart OR

- an experimental digital drawing

whole characters or 4 brushpens
$45 or more per month
once a month you get to decide what i'll draw for you!

 - a full body character picture (like above)

- OR four (!!) brushpens from the brushy-brushy tier!

Galactic Tourist
$100 or more per month
 oh wow high roller :O!!!!
you can pick either one character with a complex background
*or* TWO characters and a simple background 
meow meow magic
$400 or more per month
it's MEOW MEOW MAGIC.  this is also basically a gag tier, not one i expect people to back on. but hey, if you believe in cat magic & have mad cash to burn, this is for you.

if you don't know what that is, it's where you get to ask ren to grant you a wish. but ren's a cat, so her ability to grant wishes is pretty fickle. i can, however, record cute videos of her for you at this tier i guess?

Luna is also available for wish granting, but I caution you against goblin magic :o it's a wild and unpredictable thing!

you can also work with me to get a custom 3pg comic drawn at this tier, if you like. 

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