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Hornblase early 2018 Priority List

January: Improve online exposure, try to improve financial status to achieve enough stability to concentrate on continuing the major projects.

1st quarter: Pizzaboy Ultimate (Target: Completion), SWOMG (Target: Demo)

2nd - 3rd quarter: SIMSEH 3: Vigorian Space (Target: Demo to possible completion)

Long Term: RPG: 7 Satellites, Updates: TBD

Hornblase Main Arc: The Gearhead Saga

 The Gearhead is an artifact of supreme power. Whoever holds becomes able to break the balance in all of existence and beyond! The Gearhead is the central piece in the current story arc of the PT Universe. Here are some key events in the ongoing saga in chronological order:

 1. Lyon stole the Gearhead from the Terran Anthral mob and attempted to control its power by wrecking havoc on 3 of Terra's moons. (PT4, PT5, CHA)

2. The Vigorians attempt to capture Lyon and the Gearhead but it ended up in the hands of a much more terrible entity, Kronobane. (CH01

3. The Destruction of Viridia. The separation of the only surviving Viridians: FB Arnitta and Biodroid Henshi. (PT7

4. Henshi arrives in Terra hoping to find a suitable host for the Viridian seed. (SIMSEH1)

5. The Cityhunters, now allied with a Vigorian, attempts to intercept Kronobane's charge towards the Vigorian Space. (CH02

6. Mistress Ize, formerly Cityhunter Aiza, has discovered a highly dangerous affair about a stolen dagger. (SB

7. Henshi arrives in the elven realm of the planet Milkania and gets acquainted with Kandri who later on pairs up with him to save the entire planet from suffering the same fate as their former home. They were also able to manipulate Transcendium turning Henshi into a powerful force. (SIMSEH2)

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