arcade ROM hacking lesson 4: finding non-ASCII strings
This is lesson 4 of a multi-part lesson teaching ANYONE that can use a computer the fundamental information needed to hack arcade ROMS. These lessons will teach one at a time the individual skills needed to hack arcade ROMS and ultimately bring all these steps together to do some hacks such as adding a free play option. While we focus on 1980s arcade games, these same concepts can be used for console based systems such as Nintendo etc.

Lesson 4 practices the techniques taught in lesson 3, and then demonstrates a new technique to find data that is useful in older games where text is not stored with ASCII encoding. In this lesson we will once again use the MAME debugger, a hex editor (hex workshop) and then learn a technique to find non ASCII strings and use a python script to search the ROMS for us. The game will will hack is Frogger.