arcade ROM hacking lesson 5 part 1: Creating a Free Play Hack
This is lesson 5 part 1 of a multi-part lesson teaching ANYONE that can use a computer the fundamental information needed to hack arcade ROMS. These lessons will teach one at a time the individual skills needed to hack arcade ROMS and ultimately bring all these steps together to do some hacks such as adding a free play option. While we focus on 1980s arcade games, these same concepts can be used for console based systems such as Nintendo etc.

Lesson 5 part 1 is lesson 1 of a multi-part lesson that will teach you what is needed to create a freeplay ROM. In this lesson we use mame64 -listxml and the mame debugger to locate where in the address space RAM is, and then where specifically credits are stored for the game FROGGER. This information is necessary for the next parts of the lesson in which we will actually create a FROGGER free play ROM.