Arcana Famiglia: Time to pick the first guy!
Hey everyone! Since Arcana Famiglia was chosen over Kamigami no Asobi a while back as the intermittent title if Reine ever fell back a bit, I decided to make that the title that alternates every weekend with Trigger Kiss. Thing is, you jump right into following a route as soon as the intro is over!

So I have to take a vote now since there's only 2 intro videos hehe.

The official Vita page here, has icons of each character that you can click on to see them closer up and see their names:

Or if you'd like a little more information on the characters before making your decision, here's a review, but be aware that there are spoilers, so if you don't want to be spoiled, only read the first paragraph for each character:

Personally, from having watched the anime (well, even just from the intro to the game before that too lol) I am already in love with Debito and Jolly! Pace follows up as 3rd for me. I was kind of sad that the anime concentrated on Liberta and Nova so much.

Currently Solar has finished translating everyone's routes except for Pace, who she's working on, and Jolly who she has not yet started. But if one of those is voted on, she is willing to put some work into that.

If anyone happens to want to read ahead, or just visit the blog page of a wonderful translator, here's her page:

Thank you all very much once again! Hope you all are enjoying your summer!


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