Arcanium Progress Report
Things are progressing nicely on our two magazines, MILLARD FILLMORE, MASTER OF STEAM and MAJOR ARCANIUM GAZETTE.   Mr. Vardeman has produced copious pages of prose guaranteed to fascinate and engross our readers. Mr. Cameron has been doing his best to keep up with the wordsmith but considering that we have six issues of the Penny Dreadful (Millard) and three issues of the Dime Novel (Major Arcanium) copy in the hopper the stresses of producing both publication design and illustration (and a day job) has him lagging behind.  Add to that the fact that no work gets approved until it has the proper look and...well you can see our conundrum.

Still as we move forward it's essential we keep you apprised of the goings on in the Works of Arcanium Engineering.  Patrons have already seen samples page layouts, including story snippets and also had a peek as samples of the animation that will be in both the High End version of ARCANIUM ENGINEERING GAZETTE.

Additionally we will soon be launching a second PATREON site where supporters can subscribe to the magazines.  MILLARD FILLMORE will be available as a "donate what you can" product and MAJOR ARCANA will be a "Pay Per Issue" magazine.  In both cases readers will not be charged on a monthly basis but rather only when an issue is actually made available.

Like the cards of Virginia Dare, Steam Alchemist, the wheels of production are spinning, driving us closer and closer to the first issue.  

Don't you want to buy a ticket?