Archetype, Rigmarole: Palaver
YARGH! This here be an archetype fer me rigmarole class. It replaces warrior and expart roles wit' aristocrat and commona'. Th' aristocrat be a mix o' expart and warrior. While th' commona' jus' be a commona'

An aristocrat can blend in wit' th' wealthy, even bein' able ta' pull out a random mundane item o' a cartain value by usin' one o' their amendments. They gets ta' choose th' poor man varsion o' class features based on cavalia's, gunslinga's, inquisitors, and swashbuckla's

Th' commona' can blend in wit' th' drudges and dearth o' society. They be one o' th' common folks, ye can relate. As a commona', they seemin'ly go unnoticed. Due ta' this they can spend an amendment ta' displace themselves wit'in 10 feet. Ratha' than gettin' class features from otha' classes, th' commona' role actually improves on rigmarole class features instead o' gettin' th' poor man's excuse fer otha' class features